When you create a task, you can choose - the date and the hour - when its responsible should start to work - and if repeats along the days, weeks and months. At the right time, Runrun.it will notify its responsible. The other tasks will be reprioritized.

To reschedule an old task, just click over the blue area, highlighted below:

Scheduled tasks are shown with a tiny clock, instead of the flag of the prioritized ones. When you pass the mouse over it, you can see the date and time it’s supposed to get your attention. It’s not possible to reprioritize scheduled tasks.

When the right time comes, a notification is shown at the top of your browser and you will also receive a notification by email. At this point, you can either start working on the scheduled task or remove the scheduling. In the second case, open the details of the task and make your rescheduling. If you click on "Work on the task," it will be prioritized as the most important.

Any task previously created can be scheduled (or unscheduled) by any user able to edit it. Every change at the task is registered as comment.

There are some rules to schedule tasks. Whether the system doesn’t allow you to do it, that’s because some of these three reasons:

  • The responsible is working on some task with estimated delivery date after the scheduled date.
  • The previous task is scheduled and its estimated delivery date overlaps the start of the task.
  • The scheduling is to some date/hour out of the working time of its responsible.

In all cases, the system will show an alert about the impossibility of scheduling, and it will suggest a possible estimated start.

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