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Rules to schedule repetitive tasks
Rules to schedule repetitive tasks
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You can use the repetitive tasks function to automate the scheduling of tasks that are frequently performed on without having to create one every time. They can only be created from a previously scheduled task. That is, you cannot turn a common or an ongoing task into a repetitive one.

To do this, click on the calendar icon below the description of the task, then on "Schedule" and "Repeat". When scheduling a task, the field "Repeat" will become editable. allows to set repetition to several frequencies, as we see below.

  • Never:

That means that the task will only be done once and it will not be repeated automatically.

  • Daily:

The task will be repeated every X number of days.

  • Weekdays:

For tasks that need to be repeated on weekdays, from Monday to Friday.

  • Weekly:

You choose how often, in the number of weeks, the task will be repeated, and on which days of the week it will be repeated.

  • Monthly:

Here you can make the task repeat either on a specific day of the month or on the first, second, etc. weekday of the month.

  • Yearly:

Finally, you can choose to repeat the task always on the same day of a particular month or on the first, second, etc. day of that month.

  • End:

You can choose an end-date for every frequency:

- Never;
- After X occurrences;
- On a specific date.

Important observations:

  • When removing the current task schedule, the repetition rule is automatically removed, and no new tasks will be created.

  • When creating a repetitive task for multiple assignees, as soon as any assignee clicks "Play," the task will be repeated, with the same rules, on everyone's task list.

  • If a task remains unfulfilled on its scheduled date (that is, the user doesn’t work at the scheduled time), a new task with the same schedule and repetition rules will be created.

Delete repeating task

If you want to stop a repeating task, you can clear the schedule for the next scheduled task (with the calendar icon). As soon as you click on the task you want, click Clear in the blue field Schedule and Repeat.

Alternatively, you can Delete the task that did not miss its schedule, that is, the task with the calendar icon.

As soon as you select the task and click Delete, the following message will appear:

That way, to stop repeating a task choose the second option and click I'm sure, delete!

Note: If you tried to Delete a task but were unable to find it, that means that it has been configured (Admin> Settings) so that the Account Admin is the only who can do that, in which case contact them.

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