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How to use RR-Rating with your team
How to use RR-Rating with your team
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The RR-Rating is an area for users to track their own productivity based on what the company sets as valuable. 

This chart shows your productivity points based on various algorithms from the indicators below. 

The indicators are used to show users where they are doing well and where they need to improve. All indicators are compared against the previous 30 days.

The “Delivered’’ indicator calculates how many tasks the team member has delivered.

The “Reopened’’ indicator measures how many delivered tasks needed to be reopened to redo work inside the task. 

‘’On schedule’’ analyses how many tasks the user completed within the given time limit.

The ‘’Well estimated’’ indicator counts how many times a user must re-estimate the timeframe of a task. 

Ahead of schedule’’ counts how many projects were completed by you before the due date.

‘’Created’’ keeps track of the tasks you create for yourself and for others. 

‘’Involved’’ calculates how many times you comment on your tasks and the tasks of others, which in turn boosts productivity!

In ‘’Achievements’’ are badges that team members earn by completing various productivity tasks within  The system will automatically award you with some badges. 

Achiever: Volume of tasks completed in
Runner: Your latest tasks with desired due date, were completed on time.
Engaged: Counts how many tasks you have followed or made comments on, helping your coworkers.
Accurate: Counts how many of your latest tasks were delivered on time.
Ambassador: Counts how many times you accessed
Partner: Checks if you logged more than 60% of your time on last month, helping the financial personnel in the measurement of project costs.
Top 5 RR-Rating: You had one of the 5 highest RR-Ratings in the company last month.
Top 5 Deliveries: You were one of 5 that delivered the most tasks in the company last month.
Ninja: Counts how many tasks you've completed, opened or participated (by commenting or following) in
Perfectionist: Counts how many of your recently completed tasks have not been reopened.
Interactive: Counts how many comments you've created on the bulletin.

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