Administer: Activity Log
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The "Activities Log" screen can only be accessed by account administrators. Using it, you can view the following columns: 'User', 'Data', 'Action' and 'Description'.

It can be used by account administrators, whether or not there are more than one, to follow the critical actions that can be taken with this type of permission, such as changing a user into a manager or deleting a user.

Example of entry:
User: Abel Armstrong
Date: 7/30/2018 2:26 PM
Action: User change
Description: Removed Mario Melo as an Administrator

All system changes below will be registered in this table.

  • Any changes made to the system settings page;

  • Any users created;

  • Any deleted users;

  • Any user permissions granted to or withdrawn from administrators, managers and team leaders.

This screen is not accessible via the mobile app.

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