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Learn about administrator, manager, team leader and regular user permissions

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This article will cover the following topics:

1. Types of users

There are four types of users in, each with varying permissions divided in the following hierarchical way:

  • Administrator: the profile with the most extensive set of permissions on They can adjust account settings, such as adding Client and Project data, enabling/disabling permissions, and adding costs and employee/hour rates. The Administrator can view all Clients, Projects, and Tasks in the account (regardless of whether they are team members) and generate any Reports.

  • Manager: a manager can also access all account data, generate reports and view Customer > Project; Project Template and Task Types (three items on the Admin menu). They can also view company costs and edit items such as client cost/month, project budget, and extra cost. Managers are not allowed to change employee-hour costs.

  • Leader: leaders have permissions related to their team: generating team-related reports, opening tasks and setting permissions for just their specific team. They can view four items from the Admin menu: Users; Client > Project; Project model, and Task types.

  • Regular user: the profile with the fewest permissions within, as it initially only has access to its own and teammates' tasks. Depending on permissions set under projects, they can also access tasks from other teams.

Adding a user to the account can only be done by the Administrator, or, if they permit it, all users on the account may do so. That is, Admins may grant additional permissions to all or specific users.

View all user permissions on the tables below:

User permissions

Permissions for profiles to manage boards

Permissions for Profiles to Manage Users

Profiles' permissions for managing clients

Profiles' permissions for managing projects

Profiles' permissions for managing task types

Profiles’ permissions for managing reports

Profile permissions for general settings

2. Visibility on Boards, Projects, Task Types and Tasks

In addition to the permissions for each profile type listed in the above table, also allows you to restrict team leaders and employees to viewing specific tasks via Boards or Projects.

You can restrict the viewing and user allocation to specific tasks and also determine who can open and/or receive tasks.

2.1 Boards

In the Boards tab, select the desired Board and click on the gear icon.

In the Viewing tab, select the Invited Only option.

Select the teams or users who can view a specific Board in the search field. Keep in mind that Administrators and Managers have access to all of the boards in the account. However, if you want them to be able to assign tasks that belong to that Board, you need to include them in the list.

In the image above, Robert is the account administrator. As soon as he was included in the list of people who could view the Board, he automatically became its editor.

This way, besides choosing the people who can view a specific board, you will also have to choose whether they are an editor or just a board Regular user.

Regular users can view the data on the Board, drag tasks from one stage to another, create tasks with stages, and enable notifications (to follow a specific stage).

Editors can edit board data, add stages (open or submitted), delete boards, move tasks between boards and, of course, have the same permissions as Regular users: filter data, move cards between stages, enable notifications (follow a stage) and create stage tasks.

Note: even if a user has access to a specific Board, they will not be able to see any tasks that belong to a project to which they do not have access. The same applies to users who have access to the project but not to the Board, so they can see the project data, but may not see the tasks.

2.2 Projects

Open the Company > Projects tab.

Select the desired project and click under Visibility and choose which users/teams should have access to the project in question.

Remember that Administrators and Managers can view every project under the account. However, if you want them to be able to assign tasks to that project, you need to include them in the list.

2.3 Task types:

Go to Settings > Task Types.

Select the desired type and click Authorize.

Now select the users/teams that can assign themselves and/or create tasks of this type.

Note: this setting does not prevent other users from viewing that type of task. It only determines whether they assign or create tasks.

2.4 Tasks

Under Settings > Users, you determine who can open and receive tasks from another user. In other words, you can allow specific users only to receive tasks, while others may only create them, for example.

If a user does not have access to the boards or the project under a specific task, but you need them to be able to view them, you can specify them as a follower.

By doing so, the follower user will only have access to that specific task and still not be able to view the Board and/or the project.

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