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Confidential Projects and Tasks
Confidential Projects and Tasks
Updated over a week ago is the only Task Manager that let you keep tasks confidential. Even if the members from one team also work for other teams. How?

You just need to know 2 basic rules:

1) The Team leader can see everything his team(s) is (are) doing.

2) Team members can just see the tasks opened to their own team.

Managers can see everything, from everybody. Besides, you can add a user as a task follower – so, this person can see everything from this specific task.

Now, let’s see two real situations about confidentiality:

Example #1:

John is HR and Finance leader team. Can Finance members see the HR tasks?

No. Even if John opens tasks to both teams. But, if a Finance member clicks on John tasks, this person will see just the tasks opened to Finance members, never the HR tasks.

Suppose now Maria is a member of the Finance area, but has received tasks of HR. Will the other Finance members see these tasks?

No. Maria’s Finance coworkers will see just the tasks opened for Finance area. The only persons who will see the Maria HR tasks are herself and John – her leader.

Example #2:

Anthony works on several different teams, and one team can’t know what others are doing. What do I do?


Create a team only for Anthony, and determine he can open and receive tasks from everybody, from all teams.

So he can receive (and open) tasks from all teams. But, as he is not part of any of these teams, no one can see his tasks - just those tasks such person is involved. And who can see all Anthony’s tasks? Just himself, and the Managers on

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