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Creating a Workflow
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Sometimes, more than one person can perform the same task. For example, at an ad agency, a client requests a task. The Account service includes this task in the system and transfers it to the Planning. The Planning sends it to the Creative department. This one conveys to the Account services, which may request adjustments. The task then backs to the Creative department and is delivered by the Account services.

For this type of application, you can create a sequence of responsibles on As soon as an employee ends his/her part, he/she transfers it to the next on the list. To do this, when you create the Task click on "Add new rule" and add a Sequence of Responsibles. There is no way to create it to ongoing tasks, though.

Select the responsibles to accomplish the task.

There are some rules for using the Workflow:

1. The estimated effort according is unique for the task. If necessary, you can reestimate this information.
2. Any user can edit the "Sequence of responsibles", including the new ones. However, he/she may include only users to whom he/she can create tasks. To change the sequence, just click and drag the users.
3. The only change that the system does not allow is setting the same user twice in succession.

When finished your part, the head of time must click on "Complete & Advance".

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