Scheduling tasks
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When you create a task, you can choose - the date and the hour - when its responsible should start to work - and whether it will repeat itself on specific days, weekdays (Monday to Friday), weeks, months or years. will notify its responsible at the correct time. Other tasks will be reprioritized.

To reschedule a previous task, click on the blue area, as highlighted below:

Scheduled tasks are shown with a tiny calendar, instead of the flag on the prioritized ones. When you pass the mouse over it, you can see the date and time it’s supposed to get your attention. It’s not possible to reprioritize scheduled tasks.

When the right time comes, a notification is shown at the top of your browser, and you will also receive a notification by e-mail. At this point, you can either start working on the scheduled task or remove the scheduling. In the second case, open the details of the task and make your rescheduling. If you click on Work on the task, it will be prioritized as the most important.

Any task previously created can be scheduled (or unscheduled) by any user able to edit it. Every change to the task is registered as a comment.

There are some rules for scheduling tasks. 

Scheduling Conflict

Two or more tasks can be scheduled for the same day and time, but the message "Conflict exists scheduling on XX/XX/XXXX XX:XX AM/PM " will be flagged on the task and they will not receive the same estimated start date.

This is because is based on the effort times for each task allocated to a specific assignee, along with other schedules to be able to estimate delays and conflicts automatically.

For example, you may receive two tasks scheduled to begin on 10/30 at 3:00 PM. The estimated start date for the second task will automatically change to 01/11 at 09:00, the point at which the system has calculated that you will be free to click "Play" and start working on the second scheduled task.

This will also happen when the scheduled date is outside your working day/hours.

Important: Even if the assignee misses the schedule the next task with the same scheduling and repeat rules will be created as per the defined rules.

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