To add a new user, click on “Admin” and “users”. Click on the “New user” button and type his name, his email information and a password he’ll be able to change afterwards. Click on “Save and send invite”. allows for a workflow to be created between employees so there won’t be any side jobs being requested to your team by those who are not leaders or admins. For this, you should click on these two buttons and select who will receive tasks from whom and who will be opening tasks for whom.

Each user also has time shift information, set it up accordingly to your companies work periods. Doing so will make able to estimate when each of the tasks will be completed. You can register the same time daily or different times on any weekdays, including Saturdays and Sundays.

You have the possibility to select if the user is a manager; if he participates in RR-Rating, which is our productivity and performance indicator; if he can edit a project’s extra costs; if he’s on vacation or if he’s the administrator of the company’s account on Remember that it is possible to include how many managers and administrators you'll need on your workforce.

In “Actions” it is possible to edit a user's profile, reset his password and also to remove him. Notice that a user cannot remove himself from the system.

It is easy to see who is an Admin, a Leader, or a Manager by the small colored icons that appear next to the users names. 

Clicking on the Picture or on the profile icon it is possible to edit the personal data of each user. Administrators can edit how much it costs per hour of any employee. This value is indispensable for evaluating a Costs report.

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