You are able to use that feature once you enable it on “Admin” > “Settings” and “Project levels”.

The admin can create up to 2 new levels between Client and Project: Task < Project < Level 3 < Level 4 < Client. Feel free to rename the levels 3 and 4. Then, when you create a new Project, the system will offer the possibility to choose a project group and a subgroup.

Here are some examples:

  • Task < Project < Level 3 < Level 4 < Client
  • Casting for TV ad < Offline Campaign < Christmas Campaign < Snack Brand < Food Group
  • Bug fix in the form < Institutional Website < MKT < Support < Client ABC
  • Room’s layout < Executive project < Project of the central building < Hotel Project < Client Name

Remember that this feature is available for the Corporate plan clients. If you are not a Corporate client yet, update your plan on this link.

*This feature is available to trial users. If this is your case and you choose the Teams plan after the 14-day trial, you will not be able to use project groups and subgroups.

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