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Create Clients and Projects
Create Clients and Projects
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This is one of the easiest steps!

On the left side menu, click on Admin, then Project and +New client. Type your client’s name and an optional code, then click Create.

On the main page, you will see a list of client Actions, of which there are three: “Edit”, “Deactivate”, and “Delete”. 

You can Edit your client’s information, defining permissions and budgets. 

In the field Authorized for you can choose All teams or Some teams. If you choose the second option, select the teams that will have permission to see that client and click INCLUDE for each. 

In the above field, you can set up a budget per client, defining per hour or/and month costs. 

On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll be able to see every Project that belongs to that Client. 

By selecting the Deactivate field, the client will become inactive, and it will no longer be possible to create new groups, sub-groups, projects or tasks attached to it. To reverse the process, simply follow the same path and click Activate.

Clicking on the Delete field will delete all the Projects and Tasks that are under that Client. To avoid losing the information, you can transfer the Tasks to another Project or transfer the Projects and Tasks to another Client. To finish, click on CONFIRM AND DELETE.

You can add as many projects as needed for each client, and allocate the relevant teams.

There is another way to create Clients and Projects: on NEW TASK button. But it is a new step. Click here to know how.

Have any doubts? Send us an e-mail on or a mensage on our chat. 


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