In this article, you will read about:

1. Projects
  1.1 Cards
  1.2 List

2. Viewing a project
    2.1 Statistics
    2.2 Task-list

    2.3 RR-Board®

3. Attachments

1. Projects

To view your projects on, click on the Company> Projects tab. Here you can display the data as cards or in a list.

1.1 Cards
The card option will display the project’s title, client and activity.

Click on the Settings (gear) icon to Edit the project’s name and description, Add Costs, Share (defining which users are allowed to view it), close or move the project to another client, or simply delete it.

WARNING: Any deletions on are permanent, i.e., if you delete a project you will not be able to recover it. 

If you want, you can sort your cards by Name, Activity, Client, Project Group, Project Subgroup, Date, Hours, Progress, Tasks, Budgets, Costs, etc.

1.2 List
In the list format, the project data is divided into columns: Activity, Client, Project Group, Project Subgroup, Date, Hours, Progress, Tasks, Budgets, Costs, etc.

The Settings (gear) icon is located next to your list’s last column. It contains the same functions as already detailed above.

You choose which columns you want to display by clicking on the Show/Hide columns icon.

In both the card and list views you can create filters to choose exactly which projects you want to be display

In the example below, the projects were filtered by progress (hours) % is less than/equal to 0.

2. Displaying a project

When you click on the name of a project, you’ll be able to view it in three different ways: Statistics, Task-list or by RR-Board®.

2.1 Statistics

Here you can set a due date for the project delivery, and determine a budget as well.

The percentage bars will allow you to track the project’s progress by the number of tasks or hours, as well as through its associated costs.

The burnup chart allows you can make comparisons between the estimated total and the actual total number of hours and tasks completed.

2.2 Task-list

The Task-list display allows you to filter only those tasks you need to view, while also tracking the following data: ID, Priority, Activity, State, Users Assigned, Teams assigned, Type, Stage, Created at, Start, Delivery, Delay and Desired Date, Estimated effort, Worked hours, Remaining hours, Progress %, Tags and Created by. 

The Show/Hide columns icon lets you choose which columns you want to display.

You can also export this table in the XLSX and CSV formats.

2.3 RR-board®

Our intelligent kanban display shows tasks using individual cards, which you can move from one stage to another as the project progresses, up to its delivery.

The add column icon allows you to include all the necessary steps for the project.

You can also create a task by clicking on the +Create Task icon at the stage where you want it added.

3. Attachments

If you do not want to add your files directly to individual tasks, you can add them to the project using the attachments tab.

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