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Advanced security configuration
Advanced security configuration

Configuring the more restrictive Password Policy

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Advanced security configuration enables Corporate Plan customers to implement a more restrictive password policy. This change constitutes a set of best practices, providing increased protection for company data.

Activation of the increased protection may only be done by Account Administrators.

To do so, simply click on "Admin"> "Settings" and check the box for "More Restrictive Password Policy":

Once the "Save" icon on the settings page has been clicked, all users, including the Administrator who enabled the Policy, will be re-directed to a screen explaining that the new security configuration has been triggered and that they will need to update their passwords.

Upon activation, all account users will be informed of the new security requirements. 

Passwords must henceforth always contain:

  • At least one uppercase letter;

  • At least one lowercase letter;

  • At least one number;

  • At least one special character;

  • A minimum of 8 characters.


  • Users may not repeat any of their last five registered passwords;

  • Passwords expire every 90 days;

  • If the user enters their password incorrectly ten (10) times, their access will be blocked. The user will then receive an e-mail with instructions on how to change their password.

Users may also change their password using’s mobile apps.

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