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Learn how to reset your password on
Learn how to reset your password on

Change or reset your password

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In this article, you will learn about:

2.1 E-mail address

2.1.1 Most recent e-mail

2.2 You didn’t receive an e-mail from

2.3 The Admin tried to reset my password but was unable to

1. Resetting your password

If you cannot access your account because you forgot your password or tried to enter it more than ten times and got locked out, follow these steps to reset your password and get back to using

If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions below:

2. Click I forgot my password

2. Enter your e-mail and click reset.

After clicking Reset, check your e-mail and follow the instructions to set a new password.

Note: the link expires in 1 hour.

By clicking on the blue RESET PASSWORD button, you will be directed to a screen with a field to define a new password.

Your password must have:

1. an upper-case letter

2. a lower-case letter

3. a number

4. a minimum of 8 characters

Enter your new password and click SAVE PASSWORD.

Once the password has been reset, the following message will appear on your screen:

2. Problems resetting your password

2.1 E-mail

Often, the password reset e-mail sent by can get sent to Spam, the Recycle Bin, or other filters on your e-mail platform.

To verify if you have received the e-mail, follow the steps below:

1. Copy and paste the address in your e-mail clients’ search bar;

2. Check if you find an e-mail with the following title: “Password reset instructions”;

3. Click on the most recent e-mail;


5. Enter a new password and click SAVE PASSWORD > GO TO HOME PAGE.

Note: The e-mail is the address from which we send all notifications from When you search for it in the search bar, the e-mail searches all the content received by that address, even those trapped in filters.

2.1.1 Most recent e-mail

If you click more than once on the reset button, more than one e-mail will be sent to you. However, only the most recent e-mail will be valid.

For example, on platforms like Gmail, e-mails with the same sender end up somehow “overlapping” since they are aligned in the same conversation.

Therefore, to avoid errors when resetting your password, do not forget to view the entire page with the e-mails and click Reset Password on the most recent e-mail.

As you can see in the image above, the e-mail had been sent three times. If you click on the first e-mail, you will receive a message saying, “User not found”.

To follow and reset your password, click on the last e-mail you received, redirecting you to the reset password page.

Note: Even if the e-mails have the same delivery time, only the last one will be valid.

2.2 You didn’t receive an e-mail from

If your corporate e-mail registered to your account blocks certain types of e-mails automatically, you may not receive the e-mail with the instructions to reset your password.

Contact your account administrator and ask them to change your corporate e-mail address to a personal one to reset your password.

To edit it, they must access the tab Settings> Users and click the icon next to the registered e-mail.

Once completed, enter your registered personal e-mail address and see if the e-mail with the instructions to reset your password is available.

If not, copy and paste the address in the search bar and search for the e-mail.

2.3 Administrator tried to reset my password but was unable to

The Administrator can access the Settings > Users to request a password reset for a user. They can click on the item in the Actions column and choose Reset password to do this.

This will only work if the user has NOT made more than ten attempts to enter their password. If they have, even if the Administrator can change it, the user will still be blocked, and therefore the action will not be possible.

Any doubts? Contact us by e-mail at or send us a message via chat.

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