1. What is a Google Chrome extension?

  2. What can you do with the Runrun.it Chrome extension

  3. It's Open Source!

  4. Installation 

  5. Settings

  6. Usage

1. What is a Google Chrome extension?

Chrome allows you to add features and functionalities within the browser using extensions. They appear as small icons located to the right of the address field in your browser, allowing easy and quick access to your favorite sites or offering new features.

For example, the "Google Mail Verifier" extension notifies you of every incoming e-mail, even if your Gmail page is not open. You can see all the available extensions in Google’s Chrome Web Store

Runrun.it now has a Chrome extension! Click here to download it! Install the Runrun.it extension!  

2. What can you do with the Runrun.it extension in Chrome?

With the Runrun.it extension in Chrome, you can access your tasks even without opening the software! Just by clicking on the extension, you can view all the tasks in your list (whether open or delivered) in a separate tab. In each one, your ID, title and the Play, Pause and Deliver icons appear, along with the time already spent and the estimated effort bar.

What’s more, you can configure Runrun.it to automatically pause your tasks when your computer goes into sleep mode.

3. It's Open Source!

The Runrun.it extension in Chrome is open source. In other words, with open source code, anyone interested is free to change it to suit their needs. :) 

To do this, go to "Apps" > "Runrun.it extension for you to manage your tasks"> "GitHub". Please send us a pull request to approve your changes to the code. 

4. How to install

Installation First, download the Runrun.it extension in Chrome:

Click the "+ Add to Chrome" icon:

A window will appear asking for permission to add the extension. Click "Add Extension":

5. Settings

Configure your Runrun.it extension before use. Click on the extension and the "Settings Access" icon: 

In the "Settings" window you need to fill in some information: 

The Runrun.it Chrome extension is available for accounts with access to the application’s API.

To continue with the configuration, please have the API Key and User Token ready at hand. Only Runrun.it account administrators have access to the API Key, so if you are not an administrator, you will need to ask for the code.

Every user has an individual User Token. You can find it under "My Profile" > "User Token": 

After entering the App Key and User Token, choose whether to enable or disable the "Reminder interval" and "Auto-Pause/Resume". 

Reminder Interval

The Reminder Interval is a reminder that notifies you every set number of minutes, depending on the interval you choose, whether you are working on the same task or if you have yet to begin one.

When you start working on or pause a task, your time is reset. By default, the reminder time is 30 minutes, and this feature itself is enabled by default, but you can change this time, disable the Reminder Interval, or configure it later. Then, click "Save".


"Auto-Pause/Resume" is another of the Runrun.it extension’s features. When auto-pause is activated, the task you are working on is automatically paused/resumed when your computer enters sleep mode or is turned back on. For example, if you are having coffee and the computer screen enter sleep mode, your task will be paused automatically. When you come back and restart your computer, it will automatically activate "Play".

We recommended that you test this functionality before you start using it on a regular basis, since its behavior may vary depending on the computer used. Turn off the computer screen for a few minutes and then turn it back on again, checking to see if the task paused and then restarted itself.

To use the "Auto-Pause/Resume" functionality, activate it under "Settings," then click on "Save".

On the Runrun.it extension tab, you will see a monitor icon with play symbol inside, to the right of the task that has "Play" activated. Hover the mouse pointer over the icon and a message will be displayed, confirming that it is the "Auto-Pause/Resume" function: 

Click on the icon to activate "Auto-Pause/Resume". When the icon turns red, it is indicating that the functionality is active and that the task will pause/resume when the computer is idle/active: 

You can change the extension settings later by clicking on the Runrun.it extension and then selecting the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

6. Usage

To see the task details, such as the task start date, estimated effort, etc., click on the task. 

Play, Pause or complete the task easily and quickly: 

Click "Open" to display your open tasks or "Complete" to display all of the tasks that have been delivered already.

Did you know?

When no task is set to "Play", the Runrun.it extension’s icon next to the address field stays gray. It turns red after you begin working on any given task:

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