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How to clone tasks
Updated over a week ago

Cloning a task is quite simple. With the task opened and paused, click on "More actions", on the right of "Play" button (see below).

When clicking on "Clone", the new task will be opened immediately and will bring the same information from the original task, including: Task title, Responsible, Type, Client/Project and Description. The Tags and the Desired Date will also be cloned. You can edit all these fields as you need.

The task attachments will not be cloned. If there is a Workflow on the task, only the Sequence of Responsibles will be kept. It’s important to remember that the responsible for the original task will integrate the sequence of the cloned task. If there are Prerequisite tasks for the original task, you need to add them manually.

Pay attention not to clone a task and keep the same responsible and the same desired date, after all, with it’s not possible to work on two tasks at the same time. All for the sake of your productivity.

Check out some examples of this feature:

1) When a single responsible should receive the same type of task (including the same description) to different clients or projects.

2) When there is a single task that demands various responsibles;

3) To open a task like yours to a new responsible.

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