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Attaching a file to an existing task
Attaching a file to an existing task

Learn how to attach, share and delete files within a task or through the project

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In this article, you will learn about:

1.1 Selecting files from your computer

1.2 Selecting files from Google Drive

3.1 E-mail

3.2 SharePage

1. Attaching documents to a task

You can attach files (images, documents, spreadsheets and even videos) to a task using the Comments or Attachments tabs.

Use the Comments tab to attach documents and write a note to any assigned users, or use the Attachments tab to upload the files directly.

You can quickly attach files stored on your computer or Google Drive. Take a look below:

1.1 Selecting files from your computer

There are two ways to attach one or more files from your computer:

Comments Tab: click the icon with the paperclip symbol and select the desired document. Write your comment and click the arrow to finish.

Attachments tab: use the same icon to insert files from your computer.

After uploading, you will notice that the attached files appear in both tabs, so you don’t need to look for it on multiple tabs.

1.2 Uploading files from Google Drive

Open the Attachments tab and click on the icon with the Google Drive symbol.

A new window will open where you can locate and select the files you want to share with your team members.

When you sign in to with a Google account, your Drive folder will automatically open when you click on the icon. If it’s another type of account, a window will appear, asking you to log in to Google Drive.

2. Attaching documents to a project

If you need to attach a document to your project or are looking for a file but can’t remember which task it’s in, don’t worry: go to Company and choose which project you wish to open.

Click on Attachments to view the project files in the list format:

To help your search, the following items will be shown:

1. Extension: file format (jpeg, png, docx, etc);

2. Name: click to download;

3. Size:

4. Attached by: will redirect to the task list of the person who attached it;

5. Origin: task containing the attachment;

6. Type: whether the file was attached to a task or directly to the project;

7. Attached on: the date and time the file was uploaded.

To attach a file directly to the project, click the Google Drive symbol (to browse an online document) or the paperclip icon (to select a file located on your computer).

3. Sharing attachments with teams and external users

Need to share any files with people not on your account? There are two ways to do it:

3.1 E-mail

You will find an icon with three horizontal dots at the end of the project list.

Click on it, select the Share by e-mail option, enter the desired e-mail, click on this item, select the Share by e-mail option, enter the e-mail of the person you wish to send it to, and click Send.

To perform this action within a task, click on the envelope icon next to the desired file:

3.2 SharePage

Using SharePage, you can generate a link for sharing files with people using or not using the system. The page can also be protected with a password. Click on the icon indicated below:

4. Deleting attachments

If authorized by the Admin using the settings menu (Admin > Settings), users will be able to delete or edit attachments by clicking the icon with three dots, select Delete attachment and confirm by clicking Delete - this cannot be undone.

Note: when you delete a project, all its attachments will also be deleted. Even if you subsequently transfer the deleted project’s tasks to another project, the attachments will not be transferred.

Click on the bin icon as shown below to delete a file from a task:

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