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Our API is available to Corporate and Team plans.

And what does it mean? The API will be useful for our clients to use management features in other systems, like their ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) e BPMSs (Business Process Management Suite/System).

The codes and requisitions are on the documentation website of API.

What you can integrate with the API:

  • Turn a service order in a task;

  • Send to financial system how many hours the employees worked on each project and task;

  • If there is a project on their ERP, now you can transfer it with all the tasks to,

  • Customers can create custom reports from the data recorded in

The API will be interesting to managers and other who seek a solution to integrate to the system used by the team, or who need specific reports not provided by

Moreover, it is a great opportunity for those who have a good idea and want to develop a public-based application. For this, send the email from your account to requesting access. Finally, the interface allows you to customize your own with new features.

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