We make our API available to customers on any of the paid plans.

What does that mean in practice? API enables customers to use the software’s task, time and talent management capabilities in other systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Webhooks and Business Process Management Suite/System (BPMS). 

The codes and requisitions that should be used and made by customers who want to integrate Runrun.it with their existing software solutions can be found on the API documentation site

Click here to find the user token codes and API App Key.

Additional functionalities using the API:

  • Convert an OS (order of service) from any system into a task in Runrun.it;

  • Send information on how many hours an employee worked on any day on each project and task directly to the financial control or electronic timecard system;

  • If you have any projects on ERP, it will be possible to transfer it, and all its associated tasks, to Runrun.it,

  • Customers can create customized reports from the data in Runrun.it.

Using the API is an interesting alternative for managers and other decision-makers who are looking for software that is capable of integration with previously existing systems, or providing specific reports not yet developed directly on Runrun.it.

Also, it is available to people with bright ideas who want to develop any public applications based on Runrun.it. In this case, send an e-mail from your account to help@runrun.it requesting access. Finally, the interface also allows you to customize your Runrun.it experience with new features.

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