Now you can delegate tasks to your team!

Just click on the red button on the upper right corner. Then, four information are required to open a task. They are: 1) Title, 2) Responsible 3) Task type and 4) Client > Project. This is necessary to keep the flow of tasks organized within the system and allow reports to be issued.

Let’s get to work!

Enter a title for the task and choose its responsible, that is, who will work on it or will be responsible for delivering it concluded. You can choose from the people that the leader or admin indicated that can receive tasks from you.

Then, you choose the type of task. Types of task exist for you to detect how much time is invested in each of them and also to identify bottlenecks. You can compare, for example, which of the employees in the same team takes less time for each type of task. When inserting new types of task in the system, remember to include your average running time.

Now, set the Client>Project the task will be made for. Clients are written in bold, with their related projects below. Always that a client, project or task type are not registered in the system, you can register them. Just click on the "+" button next to each field and enter the new information.

Ready! This is the necessary information to create a task. But beyond that, you can still assign tags to the tasks. With tags, you can split your projects into subprojects, indicate specific codes of cost centers, or simply gather related tasks.

Below, you have the description field of the task. Write in detail what you want to be done, in order to avoid mistakes or rework. Once the time to perform the task has been estimated by the system, you cannot change its description. However, since the task was created, you can comment.

Finally, at the bottom of the window, next to the button "Create Task", there are four icons: 1) Attach files, 2) Include date, 3) Include follower, 4) Rules and 5) Checklist. It works this way:

1) Clicking on the "clip" icon, you can attach files by looking for them on your computer or dragging them to the highlighted area. You will have 15 minutes to exclude both the files and the comments.

2) Clicking on the "calendar" icon, you choose if the task will enter in the priority queue of your employee (or in your own queue) or will have its start scheduled, with a notification by email to start working. If the task you are creating ever be repeated, on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency, you can tell it the system by clicking on "Schedule" and then "Repeat". You can also create an "ongoing" task, which has no delivery date or estimated effort and can be started and paused at any time.

3) Clicking the "@" icon, you can include one or more followers. They are the people who need to track the progress of the task to help, by attaching and commenting, but not working on it.

4) Clicking on the "arrows" icon, you have two rules: either creating a sequence of responsibles or creating prerequisite tasks. With a sequence of responsibles, you define who should work on the task, as soon as it is delivered by the current worker. With the prerequisite tasks, you can set a task or many tasks that must be delivered before the one you are creating starts to be worked.

5) Clicking on the "check" icon, you can create a checklist.

Everything ok? Click on "Create Task" and have a good day!

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