Besides Team, Time and Tasks management, also allows you to control the Costs of your Projects, from Expenses on employees to external Suppliers. Only the Administrator account can make the changes.

1. First of all, register an estimated budget for each client. Click on “Admin” >> “Client > Project” >> “Edit”. On this page, you click on “Set the budget (hour and/or cost per month)”. There will be 2 blanks: “hours” and “$” per month.

2. On this same page, you can add external costs of each project. Just click on the "Costs" of a project. Set a name to the expenses. Set the date when they were made. Set the amount.

3. Now you must enter the amount you pay per hour for each employee. To do this, click on “Admin” >> “Users”. Click on the employee’s avatar. A summary of the user profile will pop up. There you may include the cost. Click on “Save”.

4. On the page of “Users”, you can select who can edit clients and projects costs by clicking on “$” button.

5. To see how much each Project costs to your company, click on “Company" "Reports” > “Costs”. On this page you filter the information about Client, Project, Team, User and Period you need. You can generate a Report about all the Clients too. You can also set the Report to show Cash amount or just Hours. 

The system will display the Estimated Budget and the Budget spent until a specific date. You may save this Report as .pdf, print it and email it.

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