The elements of the Project page provide information that give you more flexibility to manage both the tasks and the teams involved in a project.

You can add a desired date as a deadline for a project (1), information that will indicate if the project is delayed or not, generating an alert if so. The Burnup chart (4) shows you if the project is running in a good speed.

You can also add a budget for a project (2). With this, you will always quickly know if the project is bringing in money for the company, or making your profits go down the drain. Great data to have on hand when having to make strategic decisions quickly.

here you can see a bar with all costs of a project (3): green is for the Tasks/hours/costs already completed, Yellow is for the tasks/hours/costs that are beikng worked on, and grey is for those which have not been started yet.

The expenditure projection (5) is calculated by the system according to all the tasks registered in this project and the amount of time of each employee registered by the account administrator on each user's profile.

Lastly, the system alerts which tasks will be delivered after the desired delivery date or project deadline. This makes it easier to anticipate and control delays!

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