You can use the repetitive tasks to automate the scheduling of frequent tasks in without having to create one by one. They can only be created from a scheduled task. That is, you cannot turn a common or an ongoing task into repetitive.

To do this, click on the calendar icon below the description of the task, then on "Schedule" and "Repeat". When scheduling a task, the field "Repeat" will become editable. allows to set repetition to several frequencies, as we see below.


That means that the task scheduling is done only once, it will not be repeated automatically.

To repeat the task every X days.

For tasks that shall be repeated daily, from Monday to Friday.

You choose how often, in number of weeks, the task will be repeated, and on the days of the week it is scheduled.

Here you can make the task repeat either on a specific day of the month or on the first, second etc. weekday of the month.

Finally, you can choose to repeat the task always on the same day of a particular month or on the first, second etc. day of a month.

For all frequencies, you can choose an end:
- Never;
- After X occurrences;
- On a certain date.

Important observations:

  • When removing the current task scheduling, the repetition rule is automatically removed and no new tasks shall be created. 
  • When clicking "Play" on a repetition task, the system automatically creates the next task with the same preset rules.
  • In case a task misses the schedule (that is, the user doesn’t work at the scheduled time), a next task with the same scheduling and repetition rules shall be created.
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