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How to integrate your tasks into Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars
How to integrate your tasks into Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars

Here’s how to use the feature and optimize your routine!

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How to use task integration with calendars

With this feature, you can include the URL link of your meeting tasks in your electronic agenda. This way, you and your team can check - in a simple and unbureaucratic way - the times when you will be busy.

But this integration is not just limited to tasks relating to meetings. You can integrate any type of activity! This way, you can signal a period when you'll be taking care of a complex task, for example.

Another advantage is that you'll be able to access your task in by the event in the calendar, and consequently all the files and guidance available.

To integrate your tasks, go to the Me screen, available at the top of the screen. Then check that you're in the Tasks for me section (here are the tasks to which you've been allocated). Now just click on Integration, the button is located on the right of the screen.

When you click on Integration, a window will open so that you can choose the calendar of your choice. The options are: Google, Apple and Outlook. When you choose one of the calendars, you will be shown a step-by-step guide and a URL link to start your integration.

The frequency of updates depends on the calendar application you use. Some calendar applications update every 5 minutes, while others only update once a day.

Important: your tasks will be displayed according to the times and dates already set in, but if you make any changes via the calendar, the changes will not be replicated in

Google Calendar integration

To integrate with Google Calendar, copy the URL generated by

Open your Google Calendar and on the left of the screen click on the + icon under My calendars. Then select the URL option, as in the image below:

This command will take you to the screen to paste the copied URL and add the task to your calendar. The tasks will be visible in the calendar.

Outlook Calendar integration

To integrate with Outlook Calendar, copy the URL generated by

Open your Outlook Calendar and select the Add calendar option on the left.

Then click on Subscribe from the web. Now paste the URL you copied earlier and click import.

Apple Calendar integration

To integrate into Apple Calendar, copy the URL generated by

Then open the Apple Calendar application, and click on File at the top and select New calendar subscription.

Paste the URL generated by and select the Subscribe option.

Then select the desired update frequency and click OK.

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