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How do I get the User Token and the API App Key for my account?
How do I get the User Token and the API App Key for my account?

Find your user token and the API App Key

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Getting the User Token

The User token is a code that can be used by third-party apps to access your system. Only paid-accounts users have access to the User Token.

To get your User Token, click on your profile image and then on My Profile. You'll see a long code along with other personal information. That’s your User Token.

Getting the API App Key

The API App Key is a code that can be shared with third-party apps to allow them to connect to your account. The account administrator is the only one with access to see the API Key. Just go to My Profile and click on the profile photo:

Each user has an individual User Token, but the API App Key code is the same for everyone on the account.

The API is also only available to paying customers.

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