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This article covers the following:

  1. What are webhooks?

  2. Learning how to use webhooks

  1. What are webhooks?

Webhook is a feature that facilitates sending and receiving information between two different systems. Data transmission occurs in real-time whenever an event occurs. In other words: if you want to send the task delivery information from to another tool, whenever an employee delivers a job, this event will automatically be updated in the URL that receives the data from

Integrations done via webhooks allow the URL to be notified when any changes occur, avoiding unnecessary queries, traffic and processing.

2. Learn how to use webhooks

To use webhooks from, click on the Settings (gear) icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then select Integrations and Apps. This command takes you to a page with all the integrations available on Then scroll down to find the option API and Webhooks on the left side.

By clicking Open, you will be directed to the integration screen*. To select the event that will be integrated, select the + icon and choose the desired option.

You can integrate the following information from

  • client:create

  • project:change_time_worked

  • project:create

  • task_assignment:pause

  • task_assignment:play

  • task:add_manual_work_period

  • task:change_time_worked

  • task:create

  • task:deliver

  • task:move

  • task:remove_manual_work_period

  • task:reopen

To complete the integration process, paste the URL of the system that will receive the data and click Save. To do other integrations, just repeat the process step-by-step.

On the other hand, just click the trash can icon to delete a created webhook.

*The webhooks integration panel gives you access to the API key of your user, which is equivalent to your username and password. Therefore, sharing this key with others can allow them to act on your behalf within

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