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  1.’s hierarchy

  2. Where can I set up this function?

  3. Examples’s hierarchy’s design logic is as follows: Client> Project> Tasks. Every task belongs to a project, which belongs, in turn, to a client. However, you can add two more categories: group and subgroup.

Client > Group > Subgroup > Project > Task

In other words, you can create up to five levels of hierarchy, depending on the complexity of your operation.

When you enable the group or subgroup function, the group “No Group” and the subgroup “No Subgroup” will be automatically created, which can not be renamed or deleted. If the account already has projects allocated to it, they will be added to both the “No Group” group and the “No subgroup” subgroup.

Attention: You cannot transfer entire projects between groups and subgroups. You can, when deleting a project, transfer its tasks to another existing project within the desired group or subgroup. Remembering that this action can only be done between projects belonging to the same client.

2. Where can I set up this function?

You can use that function if you enable it on “Admin > Settings > Project levels", selecting either Group or Group and Subgroup. 

When you create a new Project, the system will then offer you the possibility of choosing a project group and a subgroup.

Note: this feature is only available to Corporate plan clients. If you are not a Corporate client yet, upgrading your plan using this link.

3. Here are some examples:

  • Task < Project < Level 3 < Level 4 < Client

  • Casting for TV ad < Offline Campaign < Christmas Campaign < Snack Brand < Food Group

  • Bug fix in the form < Institutional Website < MKT < Support < Client ABC

  • Room’s layout < Executive project < Project of the central building < Hotel Project < Client Name

*This feature is available to trial users. If this is your case and you choose the Teams plan after the 14-day trial, you will not be able to use project groups and subgroups.

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