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You can check out all your updates in your account clicking on the notification center. It works like in social media: once you have any update in a task that you are responsible for or that you follow, a number will appear next to your photo. The more notifications, higher the number. All’s users have access to this feature!

There are 3 communication channels to make you aware of They can be set at “My Notifications”:

  1. Email;

  2. Push notifications on mobile – settable both in the app menu and in the web version,

  3. Web notifications.

The actions that generate notifications at the notifications center are in the table below (Assigned to you, You've opened, You're following or Backlog):

  • New task created

  • Task transferred

  • Work on a task has been started

  • Task has been completed

  • Task has been reopened

  • Comment on task (New comment, reply and edit)

  • New follower on a task

  • Task lost a follower

  • New attachment on a task

  • Deleted task

  • Task lost priority

  • Changes in task's prerequisite

  • Scheduled task starts in 10 minutes

  • Bulletin Comments

Notififications only by Email (Global settings):

  • Daily mail with tasks

  • Someone added you as a follower on a task

  • Someone removed you as a follower from a task

  • Someone transfered a task to you

If you have any questions about the notification center, send to

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