How to share a Form

Learn how to configure the form to receive responses from the team or external people

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In the tab Sharing you will find the options to share your form with users of your account or people outside your account.

Main features

Let's take a closer look at each item next:

1. Enable Public Link

You can make the form visible to everyone and enable sharing options by activating the button.

2. Copy link

Copy link: copy the link to share with people so they can respond to this.

3. Copy HTML lets you centralize the entry of demands in your account by allowing your forms to be published directly on your website.

To use this feature, copy the HTML code - so the person who develops your web page will be able to make this update.

4. Collect emails

If this item is ticked, e-mail collection will become mandatory for filling out the form - the indicated email will be identified as the creator of the task.

We have two other very important features below this one: Send copy by email and Allow to follow.

Send copy by email: if you want to collect the respondent's email, it is possible to activate this feature so that the person receives a copy of the completed responses. By using this feature, shipment proof can be provided: the respondent will receive a copy in the email registered in the form.

Allow to follow: this feature is one of's great differentials - check this option so that guest users (customers or external partners who are not part of the your account) can respond to the form and track their request directly on as a guest user.

The number of guest users is unlimited and there is no additional charge. :)

By submitting the form, the requester will receive an email with an access link to and will be able to access the task they requested. They will be able to view the current task step, chat and attachments.

This allows you to centralize all messages and files between the team and external people in one place. :)

To learn about other sharing possibilities for guest users, check out the article Project Sharing for Guest Users.

5. Enable reCAPTCHA

To prevent robot actions, enable this security feature.

6. Confirmation messages

Activate this option to write the title and message that will appear on the form submission confirmation screen.

7. Redirect to link

You may include the address of a page that the requester will view after submitting the form.

8. Send another reply

This functionality allows the final form submission message to contain a button for sending a new reply.

9. Show brand

The brand can be displayed in the form and in the submission confirmation message in enterprise accounts.

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