comes with two automatic task statuses: Working and Completed. The first is used when you click on the “Work” button, and second is used when you click on the “Complete” button to deliver a task. They´ll appear in reports to indicate which of the tasks were completed and the ones currently in development. So, they can’t be deleted, but you can change their name.

You can create other task statuses, how many that you need. Just click on “+Include task status”, type its name and click on “Create”. And if you want to change its name, click over it. If you want to delete it, click here.

Some statutes can be very useful for you to identify the statuses of tasks without talking to their responsible: “deal”, “waiting for report”, “testing”, “waiting for approval” or “do-over”.

Once the task status change to “Completed”, if you want to indicate some phase of the project after delivering your task, you must do that choosing a new status manually – like “waiting for approval”.

Task statuses shows up on task list and here, inside task details.

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