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How can I delete my account on
How can I delete my account on

Follow these steps to delete your company account.

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You must be an administrator to delete your company account.

However, if you are a contributing user or an employee and you want to have your account deleted because you left the company but still receive e-mail notifications, you should contact the account administrator who added you as a user.

Deleting company account

When logged on as an administrator, click on your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner, and then on "Company Account":

On this page, locate the "How to close my account" option below the "Edit account" icon in the left-hand corner. 

Click on the link and follow the recommended steps. 

If you're really determined to delete your account, please take a moment to tell us why. Upon completing the steps, all your account data will be irretrievably deleted. Enter your password and click on "Delete all my company's data."

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