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My Timesheet and System Lock
My Timesheet and System Lock

Users can see the amount of time worked, per day and task, and manually enter any adjustments, if necessary

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In this article you will read about:

1. System lock

1.1 Mobile
1.2 Justification

2. Manually adjusting times

Under the "My Timesheet" tab, users can view the hours and minutes they registered during the previous seven days, including per day or task. They can also check the total hours registered to-date, what percentage of the work-day they completed, the number of hours to go in each work-day and, importantly, manually set and adjust their hours.

Hours registered to-date: the number of hours registered (automatically or manually) – the amount of time the user spent on their tasks. The percentage refers to the working day, that is, 100% means that the user has completed all of their work-day.

Missing Hours: hours left to complete a work-day, i.e., the length of the work-day minus the hours logged.

The user’s tasks can be filtered by all, open, or complete.

1. System lock

Clicking "Play" in is one of the most important actions employees can take, thereby giving their managers the access to the necessary data to understand team productivity, real delivery times and the company’s costs with its customers. An accurate accounting of these hours is, therefore, essential for most, if not all, of our clients. To help instill the habit of registering hours, the system lock feature can be implemented to control unused or missing hours in each block of time.

Corporate plan customers can set both minimum and maximum percentages for registered times. If any employees, team leaders, or managers post less than the required amount of working hours or register more hours than included in their defined work-day, they will be re-directed to the “My Timesheet” tab, where they will be advised that they must adjust their hours or submit a justification for the discrepancy.

Only account administrators are permitted to enable this feature. To do this, go to Admin > Settings > System lock due to problems with registered hours. Here you can choose whether the user will be redirected to the "Time" tab when they put in too few, or too many, hours, or both.


  • A user is blocked when the hours worked deviates from the chosen settings on one (or more) of the last 6 days.

  • Account administrators cannot be blocked.

  • Deleting tasks, projects, clients, task types, and users influences the lock because it deletes the times for related tasks. That is, a user can be blocked because a second user has deleted a task that he has worked on.

  • Hours registered on days outside the configured Time Shift (such as Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) will lock the system on the next business day.

  • If the user is created today, goes to tomorrow and do not have any tasks, it will be blocked. It will be necessary to justify the day of yesterday.

When making the time adjustments or justify the day, the user will be unlocked and can navigate normally in

1.1 Mobile

When users are locked out, they will not be able to access iOS and Android apps, which will display a message asking them to adjust or justify the hours in the last seven days. This action can only be done in the web version.

1.2 Justification

Once the user has been re-directed to the "My Timesheet" tab, they must adjust, by adding or subtracting time, the hours worked on that day OR include a justification for the missing or extra hours. The user’s text will appear in the “Timesheet by Customer” under the “Justifications” tab. If there are no Justifications in the given period, the tab will not appear in the report. Justifications can be made per work-day or task.

Per work-day: If the user misses work that day, leaves early or works late on more than one task. In these cases, they should select the option "All day".

One task: If the extra worked-hours were spent on a single task, the user should select the option "Only one task".

Important: Justifications are distinct from comments to adjustments.

2. Manually setting times

To make any adjustments to times, choose the day and task in question.

Click on the plus sign to add the missing hours, or on the minus sign to subtract any hours that were not worked. The amount of hours that can be removed is limited to the number of hours registered on a specific task.

Example: If you worked 6 hours and 27 minutes on a specific task, you could subtract a maximum of 6 hours and 27 minutes.

Comment: Add a comment (optional) regarding the adjustment. This comment is not considered a justification and will appear under the task’s system comments.

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